Google and Twitter's New Agreement: What Does It Mean For Businesses?

     Like many small business owners I set up a Twitter account for my business because it seemed to be common knowledge that in today’s social technology world I needed to. Eventually I let it go because I didn’t see a valuable return for my time spent. In my personal life I kept Twitter, and I told myself it was for the news junkie in me, although, I really knew it was for when I wanted to pause life and numbly surf the web. Scrolling through Twitter made me feel better about having my face in my phone than browsing elaborate projects on Pinterest or seeing what everyone ate for lunch on Facebook.

      Now everything has changed…….again. Just a few days ago Twitter and Google reached an agreement to have tweets show up in Google searches. Sure, Google and Twitter have done this in years past but let that contract lapse as Twitter’s former COO wanted tighter control of the content. To index Tweets previously, Google had to crawl Twitter’s site for the information, which will now be visible automatically.

      Right now it seems all everyone wants to report on or blog about is how this deal works out in Google’s favor or Twitter’s favor and what it means for their businesses and shareholders. That’s great for them, but that’s not what excites me about this deal. I care about more opportunities for marketing my business! When you own a business, that business is your unruly, sleep depriving, often unpredictable screaming toddler. No one hands us our dream on a silver platter because we present them with an idea and a business plan. We have to dig in the dirt, break our backs, and spend all of our money. But it’s worth it because as your business grows it becomes well behaved, easier, and fulfills your dreams…that’s if you can get your business to that point. According to the Small Business Association (SBA), about half of all new establishments survive five years or more and only about one-third survive 10 years or more. Hope and good ideas don’t keep a business afloat; sound marketing strategy keeps us afloat.

      When I first started in business, every class, SBA workshop, and Internet article told me to not even try marketing on my own. Leave it to the experts, they all said. That’s a good plan if you are a large corporation with a hefty advertising budget but that’s not reality for most small business owners. In addition to hiring help to guide my advertising, I also had to find creative free ways to get my brand out there to the public. The term Effective Frequency refers to the number of times a person must be exposed to an advertising message before a response is made. Many people smarter than I have spent much time coming up with theories and opinions about what that number is, but the truth comes down to that it is different for each business. And if your business is your baby you will have an instinct about what that means for your business. But what can we do to get our message out there? I found that desperation and fear makes one very creative to finding marketing solutions. Some work, some don’t—just like how I tried Twitter before but didn’t see how it helped to get my information out to potential new customers. Now, however, with tweets able to show up real time in Google searches, Twitter has potentially become a powerful flaming arrow in your quiver of marketing choices. Dramatic? Yes. But that’s how excited I am about this new “Twoogle” deal. And, yes, I nicknamed it already.

      Okay, so, Twitter is an important marketing tool now. How can you and I effectively use that? Strategy and analytics! It will also take some experimenting and research to know how to phrase tweets to be effective in Google searches…especially from an SEO/keyword perspective. More important to note, however, would be to first figure out what you want to get out of the effort, then have content to market and to be prepared to measure effectiveness. Once you have a strategy in place, your tweets can potentially reach non-Twitter users and valuable new customers when they do a Google search for your type of product or service.

      Which means now is the time to experiment and figure it out! As a contributor to Smarter Marketing Network’s team I will continue to share any new information or knowledge gathered on how you can get the most out of your business Twitter account. Stay tuned!


Stacy Brocker is an entrepreneur, people motivator, and online marketing specialist. She loves helping businesses be successful and reach their goals; this literally means helping dreams come true, which makes her feel like her job is something out of Disney. She is also a Certified Interpreter for the Deaf and accomplished Artist. But her greatest achievement is being a mother to five amazing kids.